Terms & Conditions

Puddle Ducks Swim Academy - Terms & Conditions

Last updated: July 1, 2019

Legallly Binding Agreement

I understand that this agreement is legally binding whether my use of the facilities and its services is determined and paid on a yearly, monthly or individual basis. I acknowledge that increases in periodic payments may occur and patrons will be given a minimum 30 days notice if this is to occur.

Direct Debit Policy

Payments are charged monthly on the 26th of the month for the following month. Any debits that fall on public holidays will be initiated the previous business day. Please allow three (3) business days from the scheduled debit date for your payment to clear. Should there be a failed direct debit payment from your account due to insufficient funds PDSA will charge a $10 administration fee.


Cancellations require 4 weeks notice and must be given before 15th of the month. A Signed Cancellation form must be submitted. No Verbal withdrawals or messages on social media or basic emails are accepted. Should you withdraw without written notice, you will be charged an early withdrawal fee equivalent to 4 weeks of your child’s lesson cost.

Management reserves the right to cancel any enrolment.

Cancelled Lesson

There will be times when it is necessary to cancel a swimming due to extenuating circumstances. A make up will be applied to cancelled lessons that PDSA cancels.

We will never cancel a class with out attempting to contact you, so please do not ever assume a class is cancelled.

Suspension of Lessons

In the event you suspend lessons with 14 days notice, PDSA will only charge a $10 suspension fee per lesson missed to a maximum of 2 consecutive lessons within a 4 week period, not the full lesson fee. PDSA allows up to 5 suspensions per year.

Swimmer Absence

Swimmer absence due to illness will be charged and a make up lesson will be provided if PDSA are advised via email or phone call before 9am weekdays on the day of the lesson or 8am if lesson is on a weekend and a medical certificate is provided dated during the period the child falls sick.

In the case of swimmer no show, if there has been no or insufficient notification of absence lesson fee will be charged and no make up lesson will be offered.

  • Make up classes are a courtesy and are not
  • We will not re-schedule any makeup classes i.e. no make ups for your make ups
  • Make ups expire after 2 weeks
  • If you no show for your makeup you will be charged a $10 fee
  • Makes ups are NOT valid if you have outstanding fees

**As per NSW health guidelines, cases of gastro require 2 weeks exclusion from swimming. Please provide a medical certificate and 2 make up lessons  will be issued.

Payment and Waitlist Policy

When enrolling, we require a non-refundable Registration Fee of $60 and pro-rata of the monthly fees depending on commencement date.

Swim Nappy Policy (Infant/Toddlers)

Neoprene swim nappies are compulsory for ALL participants under the age of 3. Participants arriving to class without a swim nappy will be required to purchase one before entering the water. In the event that your child poo’s in the pool when not wearing the required swim nappy, you will be required to pay the pool  cleaning fee of $400.00 at the time of the accident. A $200.00 cleaning fee is required in the event if vomit contamination.

Parking Policy

We take no responsibility for your car when you park either on the street or parking lot.


Rash vests and board shorts are not appropriate swimwear for lessons as they weigh children down in the water. Swim caps are compulsory for all swimmers. We do not lend goggles, swim caps or swimwear due to NSW health regulations. All swimmers must wear goggles for their lesson. We prefer that children do not wear jewellery, watches, make up, coloured hair spray or face paint in the pool.


Please download our mobile app, read our emails, Facebook updates and newsletters. We do our best to notify families of teacher changes.

Pool Deck Safety

Strollers are not permitted in the centre due to occupational health and safety regulations deeming fire evacuation directions not be blocked. Please do not eat or drink on pool deck and do not allow your children to eat or drink on pool deck. Please use the garbage bin provided for all rubbish.

Lost Property

Puddle Ducks Swim Academy are not responsible for lost property. Lost property is not held at the centre and is given to Charity. Drink bottles are thrown away  each day.


I give permission for myself/my child to be photographed/videos being used for publicity purposes. This includes social media advertising. All personal  information complies with the Puddle Ducks privacy policy.

Commitment to Child Protection

Puddle Ducks Swim Academy will uphold practices that promote the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people. All patrons and guests must behave accordingly.