Child Protection Policy

How we will protect children

Puddle Ducks Swim Academy wants all children and young people who participate in our programs to have a safe and happy experience. We support and respect our children, young people, staff, trainees and parents.

Provide a safe environment and activities
We recognise our obligation to provide a safe all staff, students and visitors to our premises, including children. Training is provided in WHS issues and staff are actively encouraged to identify any potential hazards to children and take action to control any risks.
Protect privacy and confidentiality
We place considerable importance on safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of information provided to us about particular children and their families, through honouring and respecting its personal nature. We have developed a privacy policy and procedures regarding the collection, use and storage of information.
Carefully recruit and screen staff
We apply sound recruitment processes and undertake identification checks on all prospective employees. We verify working with children clearance and conduct thorough reference checks before offering candidates employment.
Provide support to staff and trainees
We seek to attract the best staff. We have developed a code of conduct to provide guidance for our staff when working with children and all staff are inducted in this policy, the code of conduct and our child protection complaint procedures. All teachers and trainees have supervisors assigned to support and supervise their teaching.
Act on any concerns about the conduct of our staff
Our organisation has developed procedures to make it easy for people to report any concerns and complaints relating to inappropriate behaviour around children. These are detailed in our Child Protection Complaint Procedures.
Our policy, code of conduct and complaint procedures are discussed during orientation sessions for all new staff and all staff sign a copy of the code of conduct, acknowledging that they agree to abide by it.